Air helper springs improve load handling and ride quality

Millions of big over-the-road diesel trucks rely on Firestone’s Airide technology. Did you know that Ride-rite air springs use the same trusted technology for passenger trucks and jeeps.

When you choose Firestone, you are buying with confidence and over 75 years of top tier technology.

Big rigs use air springs for a reason. Airide suspensions work better than steel suspensions and reduce wear and tear regardless of the load. Today, hundreds of trucks, motor homes, RVs, SUVs vans and Jeeps can take advantage of this technology to provide a better ride and a balanced load.

Our air helper springs provide customized load support with adjustable air pressure. Each air helper spring can be pressurized separately to provide maximum load and ride quality. This is really helpful when your load is off-centered. Air springs also help reduce inter-leaf friction.

Installation is straightforward and most applications require no drilling. The air helper springs install using existing holes for simple installation that generally takes only 1-2 hours.

Using the air bags is simple. The same schraeder valve that is the standard valve used in tires is what is used to fill or empty the air springs. For added convenience an air compressor and dash panel can do the job with the push of a button. Call to discuss how we can outfit your rig with the right equipment. 801-896-4778. Remember that every firestone kit is backed by a two year manufacturer warranty.

We invite you to purchase your Ride Rite kit from our store ( We guarantee you’ll be happy with your purchase. You won’t find better prices or service.

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