Always Be Offroading – the Simple A,B,Os

When you have some downtime just before you retire for the night or when you head into the room of rest. It’s best practice to take something other than a screen device with you. Why is it best practice? Well recent result of testing say that fecal matter is found on nearly all phones. That’s just gross.

Anyway, when you have a free minute you should pick up a good offroad magazine to get the lastest tips, tricks and products to get you started in the right way next time you hit the trail. In the immortal words (kind of) of that guy on Glengarry Glen Ross, “Always Be Offroading”.

We recommend a few of these magazines. If you click through these links, you’ll be sure to get a better deal. Take a look:

[su_row][su_column size=”1/3″] This is a magazine for Jeep Addicts. These guys know all the ins and outs of every Jeep situation out there. If you’re an enthusiast, you’d be crazy not to subscribe.[/su_column] [su_column size=”1/3″] Great mag. Good read. Covers a wide array of off roading from extreme rocks, to super fast dunes, to stock SUV’s going over tame trails, it has something for everyone![/su_column] [su_column size=”1/3″] This is a magazine for Toyota Lovers. he only magazine that covers 4WD Toyotas exclusively–Tacomas, Land Cruisers, Tundras, T100s, 4Runners, minis, rock crawlers. All this and more in the pages of 4WD Toyota Owner. Subscribe today and quit leafing through other mags looking for Toyota coverage![/su_column][/su_row] [su_row][su_column size=”1/3″]4 Wheel Drive shows thousands of back-country enthusiasts great trails to visit, club events to attend and breathtaking places to explore! It gives serious rock crawlers critical tips on improving the performance of their off-road-prepared vehicles. Each issue includes helpful product reviews, engine and suspension upgrades, wheels, tires and winches..[/su_column] [su_column size=”1/3″] Outdoor Life magazine is the ultimate resource for all hunting and fishing enthusiasts. Its topics and themes cover everything you will need to know about different kinds of gear, places to go and not go, and the best conditions to capture the perfect game. From disaster areas to new accessories and tools on the market, each volume of Outdoor Life magazine strives to bring you the hottest information out there.[/su_column] [su_column size=”1/3″] Diesel Power is for diesel enthusiasts. Publication shows Ford Powerstroke, Dodge Cummins, and GM Duramax owners what’s on the market to improve their trucks’ engine, transmission, and driveline. It shows the newest light trucks with diesel engines and catalogs their performance.[/su_column][/su_row]

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