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If you’ve ever seen a car on fire, it’s a grim and helpless scene. Everything about the vehicle says “keep on burning to the ground”. And that’s what often happens. If a fire starts, it continues until it totally destroys the vehicle. Forums and question boards are filled with sad stories of vehicles being burned. It is, at very least, a huge inconvenience. Obviously, you can imagine the worst that can happen.

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That is why having a good automobile-ready fire extinguisher is so important. A fire extinguisher should be rated for vehicle use. If you take your vehicle offroad it is even more important to have one due to the often rigorous use of the vehicle in difficult terrains.

Using the extinguisher is easy. The biggest thing to remember is, don’t panic. Take a breath and get started by pulling the pin. Then, simply stand 6-8 feet from the base of the fire and sweep back and forth with the handle fully engaged. Spray the base of the fire, not at the tips.

Periodically check the gauge to make sure the pressure is maintained. An old fire extinguisher may provide no protection if it has depressurized.

Some of the safety features of the Rukse fire extinguisher:
• Easy to pull safety pin
• Easy to read gauge
• Powder coated cylinder for corrosion protection
• Rust and impact resistant nylon handle
• Clear instruction label using graphics to show step required to operate
• Diameter: 3 1/4 in
• Capacity : 3.900 lb
• Extinguishing Material: Sodium Bicarbonate
• UL-Rating: 10-B:C
• Fire Type: Class B and C Fires
• Operating Pressure: 100.0 psi
• Operating Temp.: -40 F [Min], 120 F [Max] • Operating Time: 8.00 s [Min], 12.00 s [Max] • Operating Distance: 6.000 ft [Min], 8.000 ft [Max] • Coast Guard Classification: U.S.C.G. DOT approved
• Mounting Position: Upright
• Body Material: Aluminum


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