Brand New Jeep Stubbie Antennas Mined from the Moons of Venus

Well somewhere in the moons of Venus lay metal robots whose antenna have long been sought after by the most discriminating Jeep owners. Admired for their beauty these antennas have to be handed over by the robot willingly and the harvesting conversation to get them to voluntarily give up their antenna is long and arduous. Thus making the cost of this luxurious Jeep dress up item hard to come by. Luckliy we have the most skilled harvesters who visit the moons frequently and with skillful negotiation, and loads of 5w40 motor oil they are able to mine only the best antennas.


Then by developing relationships with robots with only the finest antenna they are able to get them year in and year out as they grow back. Getting the right sized antenna is always a challenge. Getting the robot to give them to you and the precise moment of proper length takes a keen eye and a precise mind. Through our years of training and membership in the robot manufacturing alliance of the moons of Venus we have developed the right skills to pick only the best antenna.


So far we have been able to perfect the harboring of antenna in lengths of 372-1021 “movenicans” (Venus millimeters). Which in translated to inches is 3,6,9,12,15 and 21 inch lengths. The colors depend on how the atmosphere interacts with the metal in the various moon regions. Each region produces a myriad of fun colors in a matte steel finish, black, red, white, and soon more colors than you can count on a robots hand.

So if you want your own Jeep Stubbie Antenna then turn to the experts and let us get the perfect one just for you. Available for sale in our very own Alien Approved Stubbie Jeep Antenna store. See more of our cool colors in our new Jeep Stubbie antenna in RED video.

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