Don’t let bad wiper blades get you down

It’s a fact of life that your car’s wiper blades start to fail. It becomes hard to see out your windshield and that isn’t safe, obviously. So before the next storm comes check your windshield wipers to see if they need to be replaced. I’m not going to say that they always go bad during a rain storm, but come on…they do. Maybe, now that the weather is looking a little clear, it’s time to check your blades and see if they should be replaced. I’ve seen too many desperate people out there in the rain trying to figure out wiper blade installation. Installation is never as straight forward as it seems, so do it in dry weather.

Keep in mind that wiper blade removal and installation is hardly ever intuitive. With the j-hook type, think backwards. When you want to take the blade off, pull it back toward you to remove, don’t try to push it off. It’s counter-intuitive but it seems to be the rule of thumb.

This video shows the installation procedure on a Jeep Wrangler JK but the demonstration is mostly the same for most vehicles. Don’t forget to spread the word.


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