Who do you enjoy driving with?

If you drive a lot, whether it’s to work, the movie theater, or just a nice peaceful ride through the canyon, there’s a chance that you’ve made a mental list of all the people you hate driving with. We all know at least one back-seat driver. We all know that person that can’t seem to keep their mouth closed. There are plenty of things that can bother me with passengers.

Wait. Why am I talking about the negative things in life? What about the people we love to drive with? To answer that question, I took a quick poll:

Who do you enjoy driving with the most? 
A: Spouse/Significant Other
B: Yourself
C: Best Friend/Friends
D: Pet
E: Children

Almost all who answered chose A. Along with their significant other, many people liked driving with their pets, and with their friends. Pets provide that sense of relationship and comfort without speaking a word. Friends provide, well, friendship, as well as a more fun experience overall.

So, who do you like to drive with the most? I had someone comment that this was a “loaded question”. If this the case for you, as it is for me, let us know!

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