I Guess Here in Utah we Made the list of Top 10 Worst Drivers

They say just because we have a state with a huge contingent of religious folk that we dont translate that world love to the driving experience. We are to much in a hurry, use the carpool lane as our own personal express lane, and pull out in front of people and actually driver slower in their lane. Top 10 Worst Drivers belong to which state? Well we try and answer this question.

We dont know how to merge, never used a roundabout in the correct manner, and think turn signals shouldn’t even be installed on cars. We are always in a hurry and go 15 over the posted speed limit, and tailgating is sometimes a game. But despite that, we have relatively low traffic and miles and miles of straight freeways.

Top 10 States with the Rudest Drivers

But hey as a driver here in Utah I can see it. So my advice…dont drive the fast lane slower than the flow of traffic and definitely dont tow anything in the two leftest lanes. Both are offenses. If you think someone does not have enough room to possibly pull out in your lane of traffic they will and always expect a merge. But enjoy the mountains and some of the fun roads we have to drive. And if you love to go slow head on down to Moab where 5mph on some trails is might fast.


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