Increasing Gas Mileage in Your Jeep Wrangler JK

Jeeps are well known for getting 20-30 plus miles to the gallon and win several awards every year for great fuel economy. Well, that is for every new Jeep that has come out in the last year. If you’re like me and have an older Jeep that gets around 10-15 mpg, you understand my struggle. Every time I fill up, a little tear rolls down my face because of how much it costs. Here’s one tip I can offer you to increase your gas mileage in your JK.

Tip: When driving keep your engine under 2000 RPM’s. I understand this can be incredibly hard with the JK’s but trust me, every JK has a “sweet” spot in which you can accelerate while keeping the engine under 2000 RPM’s. Warning you will be driving like a grandma when you’re accelerating but that’s just something you’ll have to deal with.

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