Do I need new shocks when adding a spacer lift? The tipping point of shock absorbers

Shock Absorber with Shock Boot

Shock Absorber with Shock Boot

A lot of people ask the question of whether or not they need new shocks when adding a spacer lift to their jeep, truck or SUV.

Here is a quick answer on the issue.  If you add a 1″ spacer lift (Jeep front and rear 1″ lift kit) (Jeep 1″ leveling kit) to you jeep or truck, front or rear, you are usually still fine to drive around on stock length shocks.  Once you pass this 1″ mark and move to a 2″ spacer (see our two inch lift kit options below)  it is recommended to move to an extended shock.

Shock Absorber Adapter/Extension Kit

Shock Absorber Conversion/Extension Kit

If you don’t upgrade your shocks you will hear them max out over speed bumps, pot holes, pulling into a drive, etc.  There are other options for extending shocks like extended shock mounts/relocation kits that you can find if your shocks are still in good condition and you don’t want to buy new ones.   If you have already gone 40-50,000 miles you are probably due for new ones anyway.

If the lift kit is 2″ or more, most lift kits or leveling kits will usually come equipped with shocks in the kit or the manufacture will recommend that you get new shocks to accommodate the change in height.

Don’t forget about protective shock boots!


More Lift and Leveling Kit Options


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