Reflecting on 2014 and Lessons Learned at RSTGarage

Well it has been quite the year here at RSTGarage one filled with a lot of fun filled days, challenging weeks, and sometimes downright awesome months! But for the most part we came out OK this year and it was probably due to the many lessons learned.

So Here are the top 10 Lessons we Learned in 2014

Lesson # 1 – it is a good idea to have a pair, and wear a pair of gloves.

We did a lot of work on our signature Jeep Wrangler JK and it was a lot of fun to get back to doing things that we love. But one thing I forgot was how important it is to protect your hands. Especially when working on your vehicle. There were so many times when I busted a knuckle, skinned a hand, or dirtied up my fingernails to the disgust of my wife. So I try not to go without a pair of good mechanic type gloves when working on a car, in the yard, or anywhere else where I could damage my hands. Believe me it is far worth the expense of a few dollars. And of course we recommend our gloves as the ones that protect just as well as any other out there. But I am so much for protecting your hands I want you to get any pair.

Lesson # 2 – in the winter you definitely need to change out your wiper blades.

This winter it started out so dry and without a drop of snow I wondered if it would ever give up the white powder. But right on cue, actually Christmas day, it snowed and I had the white Christmas I wanted. Then it pretty much snowed the next few days after that, continually. Then I realized I need to change the wipers in the car. Something I realized while driving down the road and watching the streaks parade across my windshield. That is a scary felling when you cannot see as good as you want to and you feel like you are going to run out of wiper fluid at any moment. So learn the lesson and change out those wiper blades before winter starts and you will be prepared. And if you are like me and have a Jeep Wrangler JK you can get a complete set from us.

Lesson # 3 – shock absorbers are cool but accessorizing them with colorful shock boots is cooler.

We sell a lot of shock boots. And that’s a good thing but a shock piston can see a lot of wear and tear, corrosion, and damage if not protected. That is where a shock boot comes in. It protects your valuable aftermarket expensive shocks with a poly-vinyl shock boot that will keep the elements out and the shock piston rod protected. But the cool thing about shock boots is that they come in a ton of fabulous colors that provide your shocks with the look they want when going out for a night on the town. So outfit them in the fashions they deserve and make the look gorgeous.

Lesson # 4 – short antennas are not just for Martians but for Jeep Wrangler JK models too.

Why should martians have all the fun with their short little antennas proclaiming to the world how great Mars is and how they can communicate “so much better”. So we thought why shouldn’t Jeep Wrangler JK models have just as much flamboyance. And be able to show off their awesome fenders with a short, stubby, stainless steel antenna. So we set out to make the very best antenna in the market and came up with one of our best sellers. We have fun with these, they look great, and set your Jeep apart. While they smaller you go the less you can receive they still look awesome! So if you want to get your martian on then you might want to get a stubby antenna for your Jeep JK.

Lesson # 5- I learned that I cannot make sugar cookies from a Cherokee XJ boot bezel.

Now I wont even go into the details about this. The video explains it all but to make a long story short I tried to make sugar cookies using a Cherokee XJ boot bezel as a cut out and experienced an EPIC FAIL.

Lesson # 6 – you dont know how gross you are until you get a UV LED Flashlight.

Oh boy, this one is so true but oh so gross. You see we are trying out a new line of LED flashlights. A bold line of tactical lights that work well, are super bright, and last. High quality was a must and catering to specific consumer needs was also paramount. So when we found this little UV guy we thought this should be fun. Little did we know that while we couldn’t turn it off that is all we wanted to do. Turn on the lights and everything is normal, turn them off and you see all the hidden stains and gross fluids long left behind. So if you think you have the stomach for something like this then get one of these fun party toys and gross out all your friends in the process. And oh by the way if you travel you may want one of these to see if your hotel room is clean, bug free, and well we can imagine what you may find!

So there you have it, the top 6 lessons learned this year at RSTGarage. We hope you had a great year and wish you an even happier 2015. And lets hope we learn even more lessons and better ones.

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