RSTGarage Introduces Polyurethane 3 Inch Jeep Spacers

With the introduction of our new spacers that we offer from Rukse, we have found great success. Jeep owners all over the world have installed these spacers with their unique styling, machined finish, high durometer polyurethane, and lifetime warranty. We have had only a positive response from these spacers.


We now introduce our 3 Inch Jeep Spacers, our newest spacer. It measure a total of 3 inches and is a complete poured spacer. This spacer was designed for the Jeep user who is experienced in their suspension knoweldge. There are a few things you should know about installing such a large spacer. First you need to make sure that you have adequate bumpstop coverage in the spacer. The bumpstop should come down through the coil spring upper mount and should be at least even with the end of the spacer, failure to do so could cause the following problem.

Rear TJ spacer mounted wrong

Luckily for you we have the expertise and the products to help you make sure you get the best of your 3″ spacer installation. So if you are ready to get your 3″ spacer kit then give us a call. Give us a call and we can help you.

We have three great kits to choose from.

RK1012 is a pair of 3 inch spacers.
RK1013 is a set of four 3 inch spacers.
RK1014 is a set of two 3 inch spacers and a set of two 2 inch spacers for people who have a need for an uneven lift due to weight on the front.


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