Sometimes Great Parts go Bad or Don’t Work Right

I dont think that we all live in a land of make believe where we think that every product that comes to us will be perfect. If that were the case, well then we wouldn’t be human. But what happens when great parts go bad or they dont work right? Well this is where customer service comes in. When a part is bad or doesn’t work like it is supposed to then the old adage “the customer is always right” definitely comes into play.

So you see not all of the time do our parts we sell come out perfect or do the manufacturers we use or endorse put out a 100% perfect phone, we do though believe the problem should be corrected as soon as possible. Here are some examples of some parts that did not work out as intended.

This one is the Pits – sometimes pitman arms are not bored out correctly. In this case the taper went wrong and it was discovered until the parts were installed. While this is a very rare problem it sometimes happens. But one the problem is discovered it was an easy fix with the manufacturer to make sure it does not happen again.


The Bling Gone Bad – we sell a lot of interior trim kits that add a little bling to the vehicle. Well one manufacturer we used got a bad batch and we did not find out until a customer was kind enough to bring it to our attention. So we were able to fix the problem with the maker of the product and we ended up giving the customer a credit on the part he was not happy with. The other part of the kit he loved!

This Dana 30 bushing kit was not fitting correctly on the mount. It seems like the bushing was able to move laterally or side to side. The customer was not happy with this. We found that the problem was the bushing may have used an inadequate metal sleeve or the bushing tab on the Dana 30 axle had worn out. Normally when you remove the bushing from the upper control arm mount tab you need to pound it out and reuse the metal sleeve then it will pound right back in.

Sometimes you need help identifying an axle. This can normally be done by looking at the pumpkin style or the stamp of the axle itself. But if you need more help you can do a search on the internet for an axle identification guide.

Sometimes spacers made of polyurethane will squish and crack. It is very rare but happens when to much weight is applied or there is a slight manufacturing error. If this happens it usually will do so once the weight is placed on the spring then onto the spacer. Other times spacers are installed without the proper mounting bumpstops to hold them in place. And other times the wrong spacers are ordered for the vehicle and they do not fit over the bumpstop mounting cup.

Our last example shows what happens when you try and use a sway bar link set that is extended for a stock mounting point on a stock vehicle but put in a lifted vehicle. When you do this you put to much pressure on the end link and it may snap like a twig.

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