The Big Ode to the Rainbow of Shock Boot Colors

Springtime is coming and now is the time for more colors, cute baby animals, Easter, and warmer weather. Ahh the birth and regrowth is always a magical time. Also with spring comes rain and rainbows. Well the automotive world comes colors and there is no more color displayed than in the various paints and wonderful finishes on cars, trucks, and SUV. So lets move on from the sometimes colorless winter and into the rebirth of spring.


But one place we love to see color is in our shock boot, you see shock boots are like the leg warmers of your shock absorber. It keeps them protected and free from mud, road dirt, debris, and water. It helps them last longer and they look great. But shock boots just dont come in a taupe dingy tan (no offense to tan) but they have almost all the colors of the rainbow and maybe a few more.


Like Skittles, Easter eggs, and a kids multi color crayon box, the poly-vinyl shock boots come in a lot of fun and vibrant colors. From lime green to black and a lot more in between I am sure you can get a color to match your vehicle.

Shock Boots are good for the following reasons:

  • They protect the piston of the shock from rust or impact damage.
  • They are made of poly-vinyl and last a long time.
  • They install easily and quickly.
  • One size fits most shock sizes.
  • And most of all they come in a wide array of colors to match any vehicle color scheme!

So if you are excited for spring, love Easter, and always gaze at a rainbow then we know you love color! So get some color on that vehicle of yours and get a shock boot set to make it look like spring!


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