Tie Rod Boots should be checked and replaced

RK2281B (2)Tie rods need to be protected from dust and road grime. That’s why they all come with a tie rod boot.  Sometimes the boots crack or corrode or need to be replaced. It’s pretty easy to do and only takes a few minutes depending on the location of the tie rod. The things that you will need to replace your tie rod boot are:

  • New cotter pin (match size of existing pin)
  • New tie rod boot
  • Heavy duty grease like you’d put in a grease gun
  • Wrench
  • Ball Joint separator

Getting started replacing your tie rod boots:

  1. Remove Cotter Pin and Nut.
  2. Using the ball joint separator, gently work the tie rod loose.
  3. Remove the old boot, if it rips, simply use pliers to work the boot off
  4. Fill up new boot with grease.
  5. Grease the bottom of the tie rod where the boot will go on. You don’t need too much grease here, just enough to coat the tie rod end.
  6. Replace the new tie rod boot in place.
  7. Put the tie rod back in place and hand tighten the nut. Some grease will start to ooze out as you tighten it up. This is normal. We’l make sure to clean all excess grease up when we’re finished.
  8. Torque nut to factory specs.
  9. Use a new cotter pin, insert it into bolt. You may have to work the nut around to get the pin to fit through. We recommend a new cotter pin rather than using the old, worn pin for safety.

And that’s about all there is to it. Getting the added protection from your tie rod boots is easier than you thought. So get out there and check your existing tie rod boots to see if any need to be replaced.  If you need new boots be sure to check out our store (rstgarage.com) for a complete selection of generic and specific tie rod boots for your vehicle.



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