Top 10 Weirdest Auto Sports

Here is our list of top 10 weird auto sports. From the insane to the “hey I might want to try that”. We give you a quick glance at the wide and weird world of auto sports. So let the fun begin..


10. Monster Truck Rally – while not totally weird, it is exhilarating to have huge trucks smashing and jumping on cars, crushing them into pancakes.

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9. Lawnmower Racing – while not the best use for a lawnmower it does beat spending the afternoon cutting grass. And from what I hear these people take their racing seriously.

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8. Tractor Pulls – so what could be cooler than souping up a tractor, adding all kings of racing accessories, installing a huge motor, and matching the biggest rear wheels with the tiniest front wheels…then adding weight on a trailer and seeing which tractor pulls it the farthest. Genius!

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7. School Bus Racing – yes they race school buses, and no the children are not in them. But this is a serious race around a circle track to see who is the best school bus driver. Come on…you know you have always wanted to do this.

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6. DARPA Grand Challenge – this is more of a cool competition than anything like a race. Looking for autonomous vehicles, DARPA will award a cash prize for the best vehicle to navigate their off-road course. The only caveat… the car must be driver less. If you have what it takes maybe you should take the challenge.

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5. Demolition Derby – what could be more fun then taking out your road rage in a sanctioned event and maybe even get a prize for it. Well get a car, helmet, and get ready to run into each other. This time honored tradition finds homes in fairs, festivals, and even its own event.

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4. Gumball Rally – are road rallies from one destination to another. While not like the movie, the rallies rely on people obeying the speed laws and focus on the experience of being in the rally.

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3. BA/BE Rally – now this WAS the every mans race. You go out and find a car for $500.00 and drive it from the Big Apple in New York to the Big Easy in New Orleans. Sounds like a good time and a great finish party. To bad it no longer runs.

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2. Auto Polo – now you may not want to play this with today’s cars. But with the cars of the old days this was a lot easier and well quite frankly looks like a lot of fun. Get some cars, polo mallets, and a basketball. Next find a big field and go for it. Luckily for us this was finished around the 1920s. To dangerous you know…

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1. Car Stuffing – take a car, a very small car, and see how many people you can stuff into it. Now clowns have been doing this for years. But this is a serious business. So much so there is a world record for it. So if you want something to do one day, get a small car and twenty five of  your friends and set a record.

Please note all of these may have an element of danger so no of these are recommended by us and are for entertainment purposes only. These are trained professionals under supervision. Do not attempt any of these stunts on your own.




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