Top 5 Low Price Gas Locator Sites

These are the handy sites we have found that can help you find lower prices on gas. A little bit of savings can really add up each year. So look at these fun and awesome sites and see if you can save a little money on your monthly fuel bill.


# 1 is FUEL CASTER by esurance which I think is only number one because it is the newest. But we did check it out and found that it is easy to use, just by adding our zip code we were able to get the information we wanted. A quick answer of whether we should get gas now or wait. It even displayed the nearest and cheapest gas options for us. Quick, easy, and fun to use makes this number one.


# 2 is GAS BUDDY  which is what the option above pulls the information from, but this site is a little more informative and, well quite gigantic. So if you like to know a lot about gas and gas prices then this is your site.


# 3 is GAS PRICE WATCH which is an even busier site then Gas Buddy. But if you want you can become a gas price spotter and earn cash prizes every month. So if watching gas prices is your idea of fun then this site may be for you.


#4 on the list is the MAP QUEST gas site. But like Mapquest itself it is quite boring and not fun to look at. But if you find a great price and you need to know how to get there this is the easiest site to navigate on and navigate to your destination.

motor trend

# 5 on the list is MOTOR TRENDS gas site. It is almost a clone of Gas Price Watch but hey its Motor Trend so it has that name behind it. An then you get all of the great stuff in its magazine and all the cool pictures on their website.

 3 Quick Tips to Save At the Pump

1. Check your owner’s manual for the most effective octane level for your car. For most cars, the recommended gasoline is regular octane. In most cases, using a higher octane gas than the manufacturer recommends offers no benefit — and costs you at the pump. Some cars do require premium fuel, so before you fill up, check your owner’s manual to find out if the higher-priced gas is required or just recommended

2. Shop around. Specialized phone apps and websites can help you find the cheapest gas prices in your area. Also, many gas stations advertise regular weekly specials at their locations.

3. Charge it. Consider a credit card that offers cash back for gas purchases. Some offer two to five percent rebates, but it’s wise to read the fine print. Fees, charges, interest rates, and benefits can vary among credit card issuers.

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