Top 5 Worst Cars Ever Made in the US

We here at RSTGarage love cars, all cars. Even the cars on this list we love, but we had to at least put them in the category of the worst cars ever made in the United States. So what is our criteria? Well its very simple, if we dont like it we put it on the list, and if it was in the top 5 then, well you know how it goes.

So each car on this list had to be a US manufacturer, and these are definitely the worst of the ugliest. So take a look at our list of the Top 5 Worst Cars and see if you agree.

FORD FIESTA – this car has many generations of models, and there is even plans to do a reboot with a much better looking model dubbed the sixth generation. But each of the five previous generations look terrible. Made from 1976-2008 this model was mostly a 2 door that looked like clowns should be pouring out of it at every stop. It had a 96bhp motor and if you got two very large people in it you may see a huge decrease in performance.

Ford Fiesta Small Size

But despite all of that it just never looked quite right. With its angular body, and VW Golf like styling it just never quite hit the mark of its European counterpart. But a lot of people had these and loved them quick go go attitude it possessed. And there are a few rumors that people took these things off-road.

GEO METRO – was a necessity born out of the raising costs of fuel. Getting close to 50 miles per gallon this car could go literally forever on a tank of gas. I even had one for a while and while it was very easy to drive it always felt like a giants roller skate. In fact any Semi truck or wind gust would whip that thing around like it was a straw house at a Wolf blow the house down convention.

Geo Metro Small Size

But what made this car even worse was the fact that it had a 3 cylinder engines. It was so small that some people joked there were three hamsters in it running on the wheel to spin the engine. But soon after it got an upgrade to a bigger motor. But not much bigger. The one funny note about this car was when gas prices started to rise to the 4 dollar a gallon mark the value of this car increased making it a hot commodity for a while.

GREMLIN – the Gremlin was a badly named car, and the looks lived up to the name. It started its life in the 1970s and never really made it to the 80s in the US market. What made the Gremlin so ugly was its elongated hood and weird shaped rear hatch. This made the car look uneven and the wheel base out of sorts with the rest of the vehicle.

Gremlin Small Size

Add to this some weird striping and colors that were off-putting like pea green and it only added to the misfit status of the Gremlin. While the AMC company was eventually sold and scuttled the Gremlin never caught on as a popular car even despite its looks!

PACER -the Pacer is another AMC model. This bubble like rear hatch car is super ugly and small. It was made famous but the Wayne’s World movie and at least its notoriety grew. Its run lasted a little more than five years. It began as a popular economy model but was soon dubbed as a small luxury model and sales declined.

AMC Pacer Small Size

It seems like no matter how much you doll up the interior of a small car it just doesn’t amount to a luxury model. But I think this cars bubble like looks and smaller size ultimately led to the decline of its sales. But like most of the cars on this list they all suffered from the 1980s move back to gaining lost ground to European styling and Asian dependability.

PINTO – another Ford model makes the list dubbed the Ford Pinto and was a more rounded vehicle. While Ford wanted a sub 2000 curb weight vehicle and the Pinto was built. This was another car built in the vast wasteland of bad vehicles of the 70s era. It to barely made it out of the 70s with a brief year in the 80s. Ford has even hinted at a reboot of this vehicle but that may not be a wise idea.

Bluepinto Small Size

As you can see from the photo above that the spared no expense in the coloring of the Pinto models. These colors were a stark departure from the regular colors of cars in the past and a tribute to the colors of the 50s era. The car was not without is problem while critics loved the power plant the braking system and suspension and rear panel were all huge problems causing serious deficiencies. The Pinto never caught in total popularity despite a sedan, hatchback, and station wagon model.

We had other cars on our list like the El Camino, Maverick, HHR, and the Prowler. But this list is subjective and there are probably many more you may want to add. So this begs the question…

What other models do you think are the worst cars made in the US?

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