What would ruin these Jeep spacers like this!

This was an install on the rear of a Jeep Wrangler TJ and it failed after 200 miles. Look at the damage and devastation. So the question is what can you do to prevent this for happening.

So as you can see the spacers are destroyed. And the owner asked what went wrong. The spacer and isolator was installed over a the stock bumpstop in the rear. The damage happened because the rear bumpstop was not long enough for the spacers to go over. The spacers install over the bumpstop cup. If the spacer extends past the end of the bumpstop the spacers can move out of alignment from the coil spring and crush or shear.

The solution is simple, in all Jeep Wrangler TJ rear installations you should get a rear bumpstop extension kit. This kit pictured above (last picture on the right) will extend your bumpstop so the end will protrude past the spacers and prevent them from moving.

So remember to get this important part, or better yet order a complete kit with a bumpstop kit already included.


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