Why New Cam Bolts are a Must for any Dodge Ram Truck

New Control Arms = New Cam Bolts

Many people ask us “Why New Cam Bolts are a Must for the Control Arms you sold me”, after all shouldnt my old ones just work fine? Well the truth is there are only a few reasons why your control arm cam bolts should not be replaced. But the truth is almost 90% of all customers who change out their control arms with ours need new cam bolts.

First the Reasons Why You May Not Need New Cam Bolts:

  • You just drove your Dodge Ram truck off the lot.
  • You have had your Dodge Ram truck in a hermetically sealed garage until now.
  • You live in a climate with almost zero precipitation.
  • You did a test of the bolts and the nut removed easily.
  • There were no bolts holding your control arms in (this one is ridiculous).

Under most circumstances when you install new control arms you will need new cam bolts. The problem is that the cam bolt has a notch all along the bolt that when installed in the hole through the control arm will build up rust. This notch allows water to enter into this area and build up rust until the cam bolt siezes in the arm. The cam bolt cannot be removed until you cut off both ends and pound the arm out.


You can see the notch in the cam bolt above, how easily you can build up a huge amount of rust and easily seize. The good news is we have a large line of stock replacement cam eccentric bolts so you dont have to worry about this during your install. I have seen it first hand when our customers did installs without these bolts, and realizing too late had to cut off the bolts and then wait an extra day while they ordered these up, sometimes incurring extra expenses for faster shipping. See what this problem looks like in our pictures below.


So see above, the lower control arm cam bolt is happy in its stock place. It looks like it is in great condition and should remove easily.

During any cam bolt installation you should mark the cam bolt washer, on the frame and washer. So when you re-install them you will have no problem with the install. If you replace them then you will need to reinstall them and realign the vehicle. In any case an alignment is always wise.

So the customer proceeded to remove the bolt with a high powered air gun, then a breaker bar, and finally a huge sledge hammer pounding on a bolt. It didn’t budge, at all, so rather than continue to muscle it out the customer cut both sides of the bolt off and the arm came easily out.


So this is what the bolt head looks like when it is cut off. This side came off fairly easily and the cut off wheel took it off in about two minutes. The other side with the nut took a lot more time. And after about twenty minutes we got it off. The main problem was the tool got so cold that breaks had to be taken to warm the hands (I know…gloves should have been worn).

After they got the nut off the arms did come right out and the rest of the installation went fine. Here is the final install with the new bolts installed.

RK3029-2 RK3029-3

So when the Dodge Ram truck you are driving needs new control arms then please dont forget the cam bolts you will be glad you have everything you need when you are ready to do your install. It will go easily and you will be able to finish the job all in one day and get back on the road again.

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